Massage is probably the oldest and simplest of all health treatments and one many of us use instinctively. We rub our foreheads when we have a headache or stroke a child's head to comfort them. 

It can be quite difficult to know what you’re going to get when you book a massage because there are so many different terms used: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Holistic, Remedial, Therapeutic, Aromatherapy and so on.

Originally based on Swedish massage techniques, my style has developed over many years and is tailored to suit the individual on the day. Every person has specific physical issues, preferences and varying pain thresholds and I always work with those.

Some people prefer a firm massage with focused remedial work to deal with specific muscular tension, including deep tissue and trigger point techniques. However, others need a gentler, more nurturing approach to releasing muscle tension and to work deeper in these cases can be counterproductive.