Here's what some of my clients have said:

"I have spent much of the last 17 or 18 years suffering from intermittent back agonies and muscle spasms resulting from damage to my back muscles when I was in my late teens. I have tried a variety of remedies, but they never seemed to help much. And then I met Lisa. And thank God I did. After just one session, the difference was incredible and I actually enjoyed 13 pain-free days in a row for the first time in months. I've now had about 5 treatments from Lisa and I cannot believe the difference. I get virtually no problems with my shoulders or back now, I can sleep far better at night and the pins and needles I routinely experienced in my hands and fingers has completely gone. This lady is a miracle worker and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Quite simply, she has magic hands. Thank you so much, Lisa. x"  Tracey Norman


"I am so glad that I found Lisa during my pregnancy. I started suffering from back and hip ache at around 20 weeks, but my regular massages with Lisa alleviated this, almost completely. She is professional, knowledgable and friendly, and I just knew I was in 'good hands'. Without Lisa I would have suffered and been in constant pain and discomfort throughout my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her 5 * service!"  Lacey Dorliac


"I am so grateful for the therapy with you. It is a miracle. After struggling all week with blocked, painful, miserable sinuses, this evening sinuses are finally free and clear! Nothing else worked."  NU


"A complete professional. Our whole family have used Lisa for almost 15 years now and her calm approach and her level of knowledge and experience are fabulous and always really appreciated by my shoulder and back in particular!! We would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone." Cheryl Dixon


"Lisa, just wanted to say THANK YOU! After twenty years of living with pain daily it was good to finally meet a therapist who not only understands the problems but was able to help me work with the pain and alleviate a large part of it. Not only the physical part of the therapy but the mental part and the help with managing it daily has been a massive bonus."  Steve Collins


"I started having massage sessions with Lisa when I was a few months into my third pregnancy. I wasn't finding the pregnancy particularly easy and getting a lot of discomfort from a trapped nerve in my lower back.

Lisa's massage really helped with the pain in my back, as well as reducing the cramp in my legs and swelling in my ankles. Lisa also massaged my stomach area which I found relaxing. The sessions also improved my mood and helped me to settle better at night.

After my baby was born I continued seeing Lisa. I found the massage so helpful, particularly after the stress of labour and broken nights with the new baby.

Lisa has been so supportive and such a big help, all the way through, and she has given me the space to relax a little and consider my own needs. Thank you Lisa!" Sam Kingdon


"Lisa is a serene and spiritual being.  Making you feel pampered by the time and individual care she lavishes. Her treatments are never rushed and are tailored to your personal needs. Quite frankly they're the best I've ever experienced." Anita C


"Lisa my Indian Head Massage was amazing. I had only finished my treatment for Breast Cancer 2 months before. My hair was just starting to grow back and I was very self conscious but you put me totally at ease. It felt incredible and for the first time in nearly a year I felt really relaxed and at ease. Thank You." Sharon Noble


"Lisa's massages during my pregnancy really helped lower my blood pressure"  Megan Sturley MSc(SEP), MCSP, SRT


"I loved the Indian Head Massage, it left me felling totally calm and relaxed but then when I had the back, neck and shoulders I felt like I had a neck again where you released all the tension in my shoulders! Thank you for being so professional and personable. I always feel so comfortable and truly believe you have a gift in what you do." Lindsey Collins


"Fantastic, my back felt so much better afterwards. I felt totally at ease even though I was in a very late stage of pregnancy" C Ecclestone


"Really pleased, Lisa relieved a lot of aches and pains following a heavy training session the day before."  Mr L Parry