Remedial and Sports massage

What's the difference between remedial and sports massage?

Sports massage is a term that is often used but which has no clear meaning - it can be just a very firm, deep massage or it may focus on treating sports injuries. Sports massage is also not only for sports people - anybody with pain or tension can benefit from the techniques and for this reason perhaps "remedial massage" is a better term.

A good sports or remedial massage will also include many other soft tissue techniques, such as trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques and so many practitioners now call their work Soft Tissue Therapy to reflect this. 

How do I work?

I strongly believe that sports (or remedial) massage does not need to leave you battered and bruised in order to be effective. Your body is so much more complex that a bag of pulleys and lever made up of muscle and bone and there is far more to you as a person than simply your body. So you need to be treated with more thought and less brute force.

I aim to increase your body's ability to handle the challenges you want to throw at it, whatever they may be, and getting you performing comfortably at your best.

I have an all round approach taking into account your lifestyle, your sport, your aims and your body's unique idiosyncrasies (tension patterns, weaknesses, old injuries and "dysfunctions").

Working with your body rather than against it, I use a combination of deep tissue massage, soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, neuromuscular retraining and kinesio taping alongside an understanding of pain science to create a tailored treatment plan, including advice on stretching, rehabilitation exercises and training to reduce pain and improve function.

I am a keen runner and have a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage so your body will be in understanding, knowledgable hands.

Training for an event next year?          

My Event Support Package is the perfect way to help your body survive the rigours of training and get you to the start line fit, healthy and pain free. For £99 you will get 3 one hour sports massages at times to suit you during your training and a 30 minute pre event treatment a few days before your event to make sure you're good to go. With a discount of over 30%, this package can be bought for yourself or as a voucher to send to a friend or relative.